In Congressman Gibbs' Washington...

In Congressman Bob Gibbs’ Washington:

...Billionaires are encouraged to pay lower tax rates than middle-class Ohioans.

...Medicare wastes millions of our tax dollars, by paying more for the very same medicines that the Veterans Administration gets for less. Congressman Bob Gibbs thinks that giveaways of taxpayer dollars to big drug companies is ok. Joyce thinks that's wrong.

...They give subsidies to oil companies that are making record profits, but cut the Medicare benefits earned by seniors who are barely making ends meet. Career politicians play along to get along. And nothing changes.

Joyce Healy-Abrams thinks Congressman Gibbs’ Washington has got it all wrong and it’ll take a common sense, independent voice like hers to fix things. Joyce will stand up to the special interests AND the White House when they’re wrong.

Who's the Real "Tax and Spender?"

There is only one candidate in this race who has raised your taxes and wasted your money again and again:

...In the Ohio legislature, Gibbs raised your gasoline taxes just to pay for the wasteful spending of former Governor Bob Taft.

...In Congress, Gibbs co-sponsored a bill to impose a 23% sales tax on just about everything you buy. 23% more for groceries, 23% more on the price of a pick-up truck, 23% more for gas, 23% more for medicine.

...And yet, the budget Bob Gibbs voted for increases the deficit.

Joyce Healy-Abrams will cut taxes on middle-class Ohioans and make sure millionaires don’t pay less in taxes than their secretaries do.


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