My Plan to Create Ohio Jobs

As a successful small business owner, I know what it takes to create jobs. Unfortunately, Washington politicians offer ‘plans’ that are little more than bumper sticker slogans and repackaged talking points.

"The politics-as-usual approach in Washington isn’t working. We need a better way."



My jobs plan draws on my experience as a small businesswoman and includes these five goals:

  1. Expand access to credit for small businesses and simplify the red tape.

  2. Offer tax incentives to innovative companies.

  3. Stop shipping jobs overseas. Start bringing jobs home.

  4. Offer tax credits to companies that buy American-made products and supplies.

  5. Restore fiscal responsibility by auditing the tax code.

Our economy has many challenges. No one plan can fix every problem. But this plan will help create a climate where entrepreneurs with great new ideas have every chance to succeed.

America has always been a nation of inventors and entrepreneurs.  We must keep that spirit alive.

You can read the full plan by clicking on the links above for more detail on each component.

Thank you so much for your support this November!




Joyce Healy-Abrams
Candidate for Ohio's 7th Congressional District

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